Integrated Solutions

Valensec International takes a systems approach to finding and integrating the perfect solution to fit your specifications.

The foundation of Valensec International’s service offering is focused on comprehensive program management coupled by superlative quality assurance methods. Our program management approach ensures that our customers receive a complete solution to their needs, integrating leading-edge systems and technologies in a purposeful way to complement our first-class suite of security services. Valensec International takes the time to understand your business and your operation and we discover new ways to achieve improved security and safety, while identifying operational efficiencies and opportunities for cost savings.

Systems Approach

Valensec International applies a comprehensive systems approach by leveraging our assets, whether through our people or technologies, to the fullest extent. Every customer has a different need and we integrate the appropriate security solutions in a highly methodical manner, ensuring every customer need is met. Valensec International applies a metric-based approach to maintaining superior quality assurance. We apply system analytics to measure, analyze and optimize performance across the entire program. Our information collection methods enable detailed analyses gaining visibility into opportunities for improvement. We also constantly work with other agencies and organizations to stay ahead of best-practice strategies, and perform external benchmarking to identify new processes and techniques for advancing our systems approach.

Centralized Command and Control – Working in partnership with our customers, we have applied our extensive experience supporting command center operations and systems to enhance the entire program. A key feature of our service offering in this regard is the unhindered flow of critical information. Timely information exchanges facilitate rapid decision-making, enabling our customers to remain current on problems and situations and allowing our professionals to handle emergencies with judicious precision. As an integral part of our quality assurance programs, we perform systems tests to measure functionality and to reinforce procedures and familiarity for command center operations.

Technological Integrations

Through the integration of technology, we are able to maximize our service offering by ensuring state-of-the-art training, promoting information sharing and improving communication to support our security professionals in the line of duty.


Realizing that today’s students learn differently, we use technologies such as scenario-driven web-based training to achieve far greater learning success rather than relying solely on conventional lecture approaches. While we are experienced in the development of such systems, we also team with companies that offer expert training design and development, to further advance our capabilities and provide the highest-quality training available.


By enabling our personnel with greater access to information through secured portals or by ensuring the continuous flow of communication through encrypted devices, our personnel keep abreast of important ground-level intelligence in real-time without risking the release of sensitive information.

Quality Control

Our metrics-based approach to measuring quality and ensuring optimum performance relies not only on the human component but also advanced technologies. Our approach is to identify, source and apply the appropriate technological systems in a meaningful way that achieves results. An example of such approaches is our integration of Conscientia Group’s IMAGE system to improve assessment reporting and analytics. Information related to this system can be found through their website at the following link: Conscientia Group’s IMAGE Whitepaper