Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

Our highly experienced team of security professionals specialize in physical and operational security, counter-terrorism, critical infrastructure, engineering and construction, and information security services.

Today’s indeterminate security environment requires organizations to be more vigilant about the safety and security of their employees and assets. Valensec International is composed of security professionals who are dedicated to designing and optimizing programs to minimize business and physical security risks for our customers. We support organizations in identifying risks and vulnerabilities, subsequently followed by the development of comprehensive and highly effective programs to reduce those risks by mitigating vulnerabilities.

Because organizational, facility, and personal security must be addressed on several levels, the most productive approach requires the multidisciplinary expertise you will find with Valensec International’s risk professionals. Our specialties include physical and operational security, counter-terrorism, critical infrastructure, engineering and construction, and information security services. This diverse set of industry expertise enables our team to best determine the likelihood of any particular threat, prioritize action plans, recommend appropriate security measures, and implement solutions as needed. We develop comprehensive strategies that address each customer’s unique concerns.

Our Physical Security Experts apply their acumen in the following areas in developing Physical Security Assessments:

Criticality of Assets

One of our goals in conducting a physical security assessment is to determine the impact that the loss of a particular asset will have on the performance of your organization’s primary functions. At Valensec International, we focus on ensuring your organization fully understands the meaning behind ranking the criticality of your assets, and how to identify those critical assets.

Threat Analysis

Valensec International understands that decision-makers must have a reliable way of estimating physical security risks to help them decide how much security is needed at their facility. Before a vulnerability and threat analysis can be completed, a definition and description of the threat is needed. Once determined, we combine the description with statistics of past events to categorize the likelihood of each type of physical security threat in an undesired circumstance.

Vulnerability of Assets

Understanding the level of vulnerability of an asset to physical security impacts is a valuable part of decision-making, policy and procedural development, and investment. In addition to establishing priorities, Valensec International’s vulnerability analysis of physical security assets will also provide valuable information that will aid in determining which mitigation strategies may work best.


Valensec International will determine how your organization compares with a model facility. We use this benchmark in developing an applied gap analysis that will help us to appropriately align costs with your organization’s physical security budget.

As a component of our extensive physical security experiences, the executives of Valensec International have been developing risk and vulnerability-based security solutions for over 35 years. Our analyses have driven approaches to physical and technical security operations from the highest levels of the US government to large international commercial customers. We have provided support to Presidential Support units of the US military, various US government agencies, and several commercial, high-value asset organizations around the world.

Valensec International’s physical security assessment professionals bring a level of knowledge and experience based on real industry experiences, best practices, and professional training and certification. Working with your organization’s team, our project deliverables include a comprehensive Risk Assessment following an in-depth analysis into your organization’s overall security and business operations.